Boat Models

Sea Jeep

The Sea Jeep is a boat for a slightly tougher grip but is at the same time versatile, spacious and comfortable. Pioner 16 is equipped as standard with, among other things, a wide centre-mounted steering console with windscreen, stainless steel side rails and automatic self-draining.

PIONER 16 Explorer

Basic Price: 8,483 EUR

PIONER 15 Allround

Basic Price: 5,936 EUR

Pioner 14 Active

Basic Price: 4,752 EUR

Pioner 17 Flexi

Basic Price: 12,948 EUR

400 Steady by Pioner

Basic Price: 4,647 EUR

The Sea Jeep is a real workhorse

A Sea Jeep has good driving characteristics, a console and usually room for 2-3 passengers. It can be used for transporting both people and materials without sacrificing driving pleasure. It is easy to move in the boat and it is stable.

The Pioner 16 Explorer is designed with a focus on smart solutions and modern design. It is easy to plan and can be equipped with dual steering consoles and hydraulic steering, all to make boating as easy as possible. Pioner 16 is a real fighter and because it is moulded in environmentally-friendly polyethylene plastic, it makes the weight manageable and it is easy to tow behind a car when it is to be moved.