Pioner 13

A carefree boating life


Standard colour

Colour ordered

Basic price:

3,740 EUR shipping excluded

8-10 (CE category C/D DNV-GL Certification)


The Pioner 13 makes owning a boat easy. It planes, easy to drive and stable. Good seaworthiness is a quality much appreciated by fresh boat owners and experienced boat people alike. The boat is suitable for smaller 4-strokes and rowing.

The standard model is spacious and comfortably seats four people. Two lockable storage spaces are big enough for baggage, equipment and a fuel tank. The boat can be fitted with handrails and cushion sets.

Weight 155 kg
Length 393 cm
Breadth 155 cm
Max persons 4 (CE category C/D DNV-GL Certification)
Max HP/ KW 8 / 6
Shaft length Short
Control cable 3,25 m
Throttle/gear control cable

Minimal maintenance

It’s a boat that needs minimal maintenance. This gives end users more time and an “Easy Boating Life”. Were your Steady to suffer damage, repairing it is no problem.

Long life

Steady boats are made from a plastic material that is UV stabilised, which means the boat retains its colour and strength for a very long time.


The shape and design of Steady boats make them safe, stable and secure. Their double hull design makes for a smooth passage, good buoyancy and a sense of security.


Steady models are inspected and certified by Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL), as an independent third party. For Steady user peace of mind.