Boat Models

Rowing boat

A rowing boat is a small boat that gets around by rowing with oars. Pioneer rowing boats have a stable construction and excellent maritime safety. Pioner 13 and 11 are also prepared for mounting an electric motor. They have plenty of space and are durable and easy to manoeuvre.

Pioner 11 Easy

Basic Price: 3,290 EUR

Pioner 13

Basic Price: 3,970 EUR

Pioner 12 Maxi

Basic Price: 3,790 EUR

Pioner 10 Classic

Basic Price: 2,990 EUR

Pioner 8 Mini

Basic Price: 1,970 EUR

Plastic rowing boats

The rowing boat is one of the oldest boat models of all time. It is a suitable leisure boat for simple fishing and short transfers. Equipment for rowing boats can be comfortable benches and enclosing oars for increased safety.The hull can be made of wood, plastic or metal. A good rowing boat has a stable hull, sturdy attachments for oars and preferably a footrest for the person rowing.

The rower sits on a bench (thwart) with their back to the bow. Eka and dinghy are examples of rowing boats.
Stability and seaworthiness and the fact that they are easy to empty of water are important properties for a worry-free life with a rowing boat.