Boat Models

Work boat

A work boat is a customised boat for professional or business activities. Pioner Multi is a very robust boat that is used by the police and rescue services.

Pioner Multi Pro III

Basic Price: 15,390 EUR

Pioner 14 Active Pro

Basic Price: 5,570 EUR

Pioner 16 Explorer

Basic Price: 9,750 EUR

Pioner 14 Active

Basic Price: 5,570 EUR

Pioner Multi III

Basic Price: 15,390 EUR

320 Steady by Pioner

Basic Price: 2,090 EUR

400 Steady by Pioner

Basic Price: 5,230 EUR

Practical utility boat

Tough assignments at sea require a stable and safe work boat with plenty of space and storage while being easy to drive and agile.
Work boats can be patrol boats, taxi boats, fishing boats or freighters. They are also used as sea transport for livestock like sheep and reindeer. Pioner Multi is versatile and stable and is used by divers and fish farmers as well as fire brigades and coastguards.

A professional boat in traffic must be registered in the Maritime Administration’s boat register. Some professional boats used by the police are unsinkable and bulletproof to withstand sharp penetrations.
Work boats can also be called professional boats that are covered by the Ship Safety Act, which, among other things, regulates manning, safety and construction for intended activities.