Boat Models

Leisure boat

A leisure boat is an affordable, small boat intended for simple day trips, fishing and excursions. For example, the Pioner 15 Allround is a robust, agile fifteen-footer that delivers everything you need for a good leisure boat.

Pioner 16 Explorer

Basic Price: 9,750 EUR

Pioner 15 Allround

Basic Price: 6,960 EUR

Pioner 14 Active

Basic Price: 5,570 EUR

Pioner 17 Flexi

Basic Price: 15,190 EUR

Pioner 13

Basic Price: 3,970 EUR

320 Steady by Pioner

Basic Price: 3,230 EUR

400 Steady by Pioner

Basic Price: 5,230 EUR

Versatile boats

Leisure boats are characterised by being easy to manoeuvre and that they can handle many areas of use. Many have their leisure boats at their holiday home and use them for water sports, fishing and transportation of people and materials. It can be used most of the year, is easy to carry on a trailer and has plenty of cargo space. All Pioner boats are a type of leisure boat.

Pioner 15 Allround is moulded in 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic and can withstand a lot of work as well as play. With minimal maintenance and maximum safety, the Pioner 15 Allround is the obvious option for fun and easy boating.