Modern youth boat


Pioner GO

Pioner GO is the ideal initiation into the world of boating. A small console boat designed and developed in partnership with young enthusiasts, making it a great choice for children and young people to embark on their boating adventures.


Standard colour

Colour ordered

Basic price:

5,190 EUR

8-10 (CE category C/D DNV-GL Certification)


Featuring a sleek, modern hull design, the Pioner GO effortlessly glides across the water, offering both stability and safety for your sea journeys. Despite its compact 12.5-foot size, cleverly integrated practical solutions and a smart layout create an unexpectedly spacious interior. Multiple storage compartments ensure easy organization of equipment and belongings.
Maneuver the Pioner GO is easy, thanks to its sturdy steering console providing ample legroom and a double bowl-shaped seat with a backrest at the stern, ensuring both comfort and control. Integrated mooring fasteners simplify handling, making it an ideal choice for those new to boating.
Invite your friends for a day of adventure at sea! Equipped with double USB sockets, you’ll never have to worry about your mobile phone losing power. Optional extras include a white stern lantern, bathing ladder, front seating cushion, and Pioner’s own 20-liter cooler for keeping refreshments chilled. Whether it’s your first boat or an upgrade, the Pioner GO promises unforgettable summer moments on the water.

Weight 185 kg
Length 380 cm
Width 160 cm
Max people 4 (CE-kategori C)
Max HP/KW 20/15
Stem length Long
Steering cable 9 ft (2.75 m)
Throttle/gear cable 9.84 ft (3.0 m)

Minimal maintenance

It’s a boat that needs minimal maintenance. This gives end users more time and an “Easy Boating Life”. Were your Steady to suffer damage, repairing it is no problem.

Long life

Steady boats are made from a plastic material that is UV stabilised, which means the boat retains its colour and strength for a very long time.


The shape and design of Steady boats make them safe, stable and secure. Their double hull design makes for a smooth passage, good buoyancy and a sense of security.


Steady models are inspected and certified by Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL), as an independent third party. For Steady user peace of mind.